What they say

Please note that after we set up initial websites, clients are mostly responsible for maintaining them. So the sites listed below may look considerably different from the ones we set up! 🙂

Historic Roses Group

"Step by step, Kim took us by the hand and enabled our Historic Roses Group to gain a vibrant 21st century profile by creating a beautiful new website of elegant simplicity. She encouraged us to rethink what we really needed to communicate in order to showcase our activities and publications, and made the most of our 'unique selling point': glorious images of living, breathing historic roses, also indicating where to see them growing in parks and gardens all over Britain - and maybe one near you, too.

"Kim's insight, creativity and swift responsiveness to our input, plus her admirable patience, made her an absolute joy to work with. Our revitalised website is now lovely to look at and really easy to use, so that it will both keep our members well-informed and also attract new people to join us in exploring and enjoying historic roses today."

Kathleen Earley

Etienne Gardening

"We were introduced to Kim by a mutual friend as our small company needed to update our website, which was looking old fashioned and in need of a more current look. Kim spent time talking to us to gain an insight into what we are about and our aspirations for our future development.

"We were given tasks to research websites which appealed to us in terms of their look so Kim was aware of the image we sought to create. This gave us involvement in the process from the word go as opposed to simply being directed by a web designer making decisions for us. Kim then made suggestions - for example, substituting some of the photographic material we supplied with images more likely to reflect our business and what we deliver.

"We like the training and instructions as to how to maintain the site so we can keep it moving so the site never becomes tired looking again. We have already had positive feedback since the site has gone live and would happily recommend Kim to anyone looking for a sensitive, knowledgeable professional who will take their website to the next level or perhaps for some create their first website."

Paul Etienne


"We have really enjoyed working with Kim in designing our new website. She has helped with all of our queries, both on the design and the technical front, and was able to respond to us very quickly meaning that our site could go live sooner that we had expected. The real bonus has been the support since the site went live which Kim provides for 2 months. This has been a great cushion as we learn to navigate around posting blogs and learn how to update the site. It is so much easier having someone in person to answer questions rather than having to work everything out from scratch. We have already recommended Kim to others and will continue to do so."

Tanya Shoop and Tracey Goulding

Nest London screenshot

Mike Wallace Art

"I was recommended Kim/Write Expression by a friend as someone who could get a WordPress site up and running with minimum fuss, good support and instructions, and who was effective and efficient.

"I experienced all of these qualities and would recommend her to anyone wanting to set off along the website path. The design and concept, including level of simplicity or complexity, is up to you, the client - the rest is delivered on time."

Mike Wallace


"Kim's technical skills and creativity have produced a wonderful website. I had ideas of my own but I was grateful for Kim's suggestions based on her solid experience. It was very much a collaborative effort.

"I now feel confident and competent to add and remove material from my website thanks to Kim's patience and her knack for presenting new information in a very empowering way. I have recommended Kim to several friends and acquaintances and will continue to do so."

Joan Kendall

Brixton Market

"Working with Kim was a big surprise, I never thought that a such creative trader of Brixton Makers Market would also have great technical skills in building web sites!

"She understood the briefing at first and helped with her inputs to make it more dynamic and easy to navigate. Kim always replied to my questions immediately and made the updates as soon as I requested. Brixton Market team and customers are really happy with the result!

"I highly recommend Kim and hope to continue working with her for any future actions."

Camila Cabral, Brixton Market Traders' Federation

The Learning Moment

“Kim Winter and Write Expression provided me with a wonderful, creative and easy-to-nagivate website. Throughout the design and technical process, Kim was easy to communicate with, thoughtful and willing to go the extra mile to make things work. I was really impressed by Kim’s attention to detail and regular communication.

“My company’s new website has led to us receiving new training and coaching work. By adding an online members’ resource page to our site, we have also been able to provide clients with an additional service for free.

“I would recommend Kim and Write Expression every time, for  individuals looking for practical, creative and unique websites.”

Andry Anastasiou

ArtGemini Prize

"We first approached Kim for help in our new website followed by monthly e-newsletter. I find Kim helpful and efficient and we continue to use her services.

"Highly recommended."

Jimmy Lek, Founder, ArtGemini Prize London

Peace of Glass

“When I met Kim I was at the end of my tether with regards to my website. I had set it up myself and it definitely showed!

“What I needed was somebody to remake it for me and enable me to deal with it independently, even though my knowledge of websites is limited and my precious time is better placed producing my artwork and promoting my business.

“As my funds are limited, I could not afford the average cost of a new website and I wanted something simple and accessible. Meeting Kim relieved a huge weight off my shoulders.

“She offers a very good service creating a straightforward, easy to use and interactive website with WordPress. The fact that the website is like a blog makes it interesting and dynamic and I am sure it will work very well for my business of producing arts and crafts, as it encourages communication with my customers. It was inexpensive compared to the average costs.

“I must say that I am very impressed with Kim’s work. She responded to any of my queries promptly and worked on the website as soon as I sent her new material. I highly value her input and advice on what would work and what wouldn’t.

“All in all, I am very satisfied with the service Kim provided. Now she has left me with a very user friendly guide and I am gaining control of my website and work on it independently and stress free.

“I felt listened to and helped in every step of the way. If I had had the material ready for her, the new website would have been done in no time.

“I would highly recommend her service!"

Roberta de Caro